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AVATAR - Blue facial treatment cabin

The blue cabin was given the fantasy name of avatar face treatment cabin, where our mineral water-based moisturizing treatments contribute to the renewal of cells, resulting in smoother, fresher skin. With the help of cosmetic machines developed by Dr. Derm and the most up-to-date treatment heads, we deliver medically pure active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin.


Office angel, rapid facial treatment

Quick refreshment even during a lunch break. A light, refreshing massage with active ingredients so that you can continue the day with renewed strength.

Pure angel, cleansing facial treatment with cryo skin soothing therapy

We gently, yet effectively remove dirt accumulated in the skin. The treatment is supplemented with the hydra touch procedure and cryo skin soothing therapy for an even better effect. In a cryo skin soothing treatment, we can take advantage of the neuroimmunological effects of cold therapy and beneficially reduce the redness caused by Hydratouch and cleansing. As a result of the treatment, the excitability of free nerve endings decreases, and the pain-stimulus threshold increases.

Hydra Angel, Ultrasonic hydration

Using the hydra touch treatment machine, we gently exfoliate the skin supplemented with lactic acid, then an ampoule of hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin using ultrasound. Manuality cannot be left out of the treatment either, we let the guest go with a moisturizing face and décolleté massage.

Archangel - stress-relieving facial treatment for men

Naturally we also had to think about special care for men. During our treatment seasoned with a cleansing and tension-relieving facial massage, wrinkles are replenished and we also deliver active ingredients deep into the skin, resulting in complete renewal and smoothing after a stressful day.

Boosted Angel - Radiofrequency collagen stimulating facial treatment

A complex treatment in which we stimulate the skin's collagen production with radio frequency, and then introduce an ultrasonic active ingredient to counter the passage of time. The bipolar treatment head is used for the radiofrequency wrinkle removal of the Mezoforte® Multi Laser. The radio waves flow between the two poles built into the treatment head, ensuring the renewal of the skin's surface and the immediate spectacular effect.

Ja'detox - detoxifying face massage with jade stone

We pamper you with a detoxifying manual treatment, for which we called on white kaolin and white jade stone, because the color white has a universal effect in healing and purification. A unique, deeply relaxing, detoxifying treatment, in which the kaolin wrap helps to remove toxins and replenish minerals. The rhythmic, repetitive massage movements with the white jade stone used during the facial treatment relax the mind and smooth facial wrinkles, so that by the end of the treatment, a generally better feeling of well-being and a calm state of mind can be achieved. Mineral replenishing, detoxifying, relaxation treatment for the balance of the harmony of the skin and soul.

Fresh angel - skin rejuvenating soft laser stimulation

With the help of a soft laser, we stimulate the deeper layers of the skin to renew and take up the fight against acne scars and pigment spots, as well as reduce the depth of wrinkles thanks to laser technology.

Ageless angel - needle-free mesotherapy anti-wrinkle facial treatment

We use our mesotherapy machine, which works on the principle of electroporation, to inject an ampoule of analytically pure active ingredients (moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-acne) into the deeper layers of the skin, according to the skin type. The radio waves open the cell membranes in the skin, thus introducing the appropriate medical hyaluron into the depths of the skin of the face and décolletage.

VIP Angel - complex luxury pampering facial treatment

To get real angel wings, choose our VIP treatment! Initiated by radiofrequency collagen stimulation, the meso-ionto technique is used to inject the active substance into the deepest layers of the skin with an ampoule that tracks the current state of the skin, and then we promote regeneration using cryo-therapeutic and manual procedures. During the intermediate collagen wrap, the VIP angels receive a pampering arm massage.

RELAX - Pink body treatment cabin

The pink cabin is the scene of relaxing body treatments, where, in addition to fat-burning treatments, our specialists emphasize the hydration and relaxation of the entire body.

Slim Angel - dream shape with radiofrequency fat reduction

With our new generation fat reduction developed by doctors, we help you achieve your dream figure without surgical scars or liposuction. During the treatment, the skin is heated to 40-42°C, thus starting the breakdown of fat and the disintegration of fat cells. By improving metabolism and promoting lymph and blood circulation, our radiofrequency treatment contributes to the initiation of weight loss.

FItt Angel - firming body treatment

Our professional body treatment machine dramatically reduces the amount of cellulite, tightens the skin, and helps restore saggy connective tissue. After just a few sessions, the treated area is visibly tightened, the amount of cellulite decreases, and the circumference of the treated area decreases.

Clay Ceremony - deep relaxation back treatment

A unique, deep-relaxation, detoxifying treatment, during which we release the tension trapped in the muscles with a back massage, then a clay pack of special purity is applied to the back, helping the release of toxins and the release of energy blocks. We pamper our guests with a relaxing foot massage during this period. It is recommended during cleansing courses to speed up the removal of toxins, in case of general exhaustion, fatigue resulting from overwork. An excellent relaxing treatment for our manager-type guests.

Revitalizing sports massage 50 minutes

A more intensive full-body massage, during which we loosen up tight muscles with a more powerful massage technique.

Gentle stress-relieving massage 50 minutes

A full-body massage performed with a slow, relaxing massage technique that focuses on relieving tension.

Pressure point deep massage 90 minutes

A full-body massage, seasoned with the use of wrists, forearms and elbows, with the focus of working on deeper tissues. Thanks to the slower and more refined massage technique, we loosen up tense muscles. Recommended for chronic pain and muscle spasms.

Testtartást javító masszázs 30 perc

An ideal type of massage for those who have sedentary occupations to break up a tiring day at the office.

Frissítő hátmasszázs 30 perc

A massage designed to refresh the tired, strained waist, back, neck and shoulder girdle areas. This type of massage can also be comfortably included in a lunch break.

Revitalizing hand and foot massage 30 minutes

Refreshing, tension-relieving massage for moving the area of ​​your choice. In the case of soles, we free up the energy channels of the feet and increase blood and lymph circulation. During a hand massage, we perform a pleasant, soothing treatment on the forearm and palm area.

FITT - Green cabin

The third cabin, the fitt green room, encourages everyone to move, entering between the walls covered with living Icelandic lichen, external and internal recharge also makes sense during private yoga and pilates sessions. Attuned to the water, flow yoga sessions expand our repertoire, in the special overalls of the Flown'finity yoga clothing brand.


SPA Pedicure and Manicure

We also place great emphasis on hand and foot hydration. With vitamin paraffin treatments and massages with active ingredients, we raise the concept of Spa pedicure and manicure to the highest level. We work with quality Indigo Nails gels and OPI vegan nail polish, if there is also a demand for the decorative part.


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